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Unlock Growth in High-Tech SMEs

JTG Fund offers dynamic, customized investment opportunities for family offices, fund of funds, asset management firms, and corporations seeking to capitalize on strategic investment prospects and pursue blue ocean acquisitions.


Our Philosophy

We believe in integrating our technology and investment expertise with localized market insights in Japan, the USA, and India to unlock the vast potential within the SME space. Our extensive global network and deep-rooted connections empower our team to swiftly source deals and execute seamless pre- and post-M&A operations. Committed to sustainable value creation, we strive for excellence in every endeavor.

JTG Fund and Carboferr Industrial Holdings Forge $500 Million Joint Venture for Sustainable Steel & Metal Investments

JTG Fund and Carboferr Industrial Holdings have signed an agreement to establish an asset management company dedicated to the acquisition and management of steel and metal industries in Asia, with a primary focus on Japan. The investment fund, totaling USD 500 million, is earmarked for acquiring multiple assets.

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Insights & Perspectives

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